Babysitting's App, unique and simple to use solution will dramatically change the way parents and babysitters interact and transfer funds.

Stage: Pre Revenues, Seed
Industry: APP, IoT
Number of Employees: 7

Market Size: $166B

Investment opportunity: please contact us

Use of Proceeds
Product (APP) customization
and optimization.
Marketing and operations in
Israel and the US.

Management team

  • Nir Zilber - Founder & CEO
    Nir has 25 years of experience mainly as senior director in Amdocs, Nir has a vast knowledge in variety of business and management processes including operations, IT, finance, marketing etc.
  • Or Ben Shimon - CTO
    Founder of AppGate mobile company for mobile applications development and ten years of marketing experience.
  • Shay Even - CMOA
  • communications consultant for the last 10 years, specializes in public and political communications. Worked in the fields of advertising, marketing and public relations.
  • Liat Erel - VP Operations Israel
    20 years of experience in the digital world. Lectures at colleges and consults to various companies.
  • Ira Kogan - General Manager USA
    Led pre-sale, solutioning, Implementation, delivery and on-going operation of solutions for AT&T. Managed teams of architects, project managers and operations.

What We Do
Babysitting is an all-in-one App. solution, providing a hyper efficient childcare marketplace where sitters would find job opportunities fitting their availability and parents would find their perfect sitters. Babysitting app comes to meet the daily "on the spot" need of parents who seek a reliable and accessible babysitter who lives close by.

Need/ Opportunity

The global babysitters market is valued at 166 Billion dollars a year!
More then 99% of this market is currently unorganized, and mainly based on a "word of mouth" recommendations.
Our application will attract the most valuable target audience in the advertising market: Babysitters (teenagers and students between the ages of 15-24) and mothers.

We have built a real-time booking engine, free video chat and integrated online payment, so parents can book and pay a sitter at the click of the button. The APP includes: Filtering by various dimensions, recommendation of babysitters, Payment for the exact time of the service and An option to tip the babysitter.

Top Milestones:
The app was launched in Israel first to check users’ reaction and perfect the process and functionally. Within one year, in a quite launch, we achieved about 30,000 registered users. Partnership with MasterCard and AMEX Israel.

Competitors & How we are different, Sittercity, and UrbanSitter leading the US market and leading in the UK market. All charging monthly or yearly subscription fares and using App as a “an extension” of a desktop. Babysitting does not charge subscription fares, conducts all its activities via the APP to provide “on the spot” response.

Go To Market
Following its successful pilot during 2016 in Israel, Babysitting is positioned to penetrate the USA and parts of the European online babysitting market during 2017.

Revenue Model

Babysitting present a simple business model:

  • 4% commission from the payment to the babysitter, according to the actual charge.
  • In case that the parent would like to search for a recurring permanent care givers pay per search in our database (1.35$ deductible in case of a payment by credit card).
  • Babysitters can pay $2.5 to appear in the top of the Search Results in their area.
Contact information: Nir Zilber