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Babysitting in the Media.

Avri Gilad and Hila Korach Discover Babysitting

Avri Gilad and Hila Korach discover Babysitting – the app to finding a babysitter at the click of a button. Download the free app which includes an option to pay with a credit card and enjoy!

Danny Roup Likes and Recommends

"Looking for a babysitter? Here's an app that'll make the searching process easy as pie."

Channel 22: Babysitting Prices Skyrocket

"With the help of the Babysitting app it is still possible to find a babysitter at a reasonable price for the Silvester parties."

Layla Calcali

One of the biggest nightmares a parent faces is finding a good and reliable babysitter. A new app promises to help you find a sitter who has been pre-checked, and is in accordance with the time and cost you feel comfortable with. It also allows you to pay through your smartphone. Maayan Priluk checked.

Need a Babysitter? Parents, This Is the App You Must Download

Booking a babysitter at the click of a button: a new and free Israeli app threatens to revolutionize the babysitting world. So what is it all about? Read more to meet the app that will spare you the headaches.

Up to 100 Shekels per Hour: the Babysitter Holiday

If you're parents and plan on celebrating New Year's Eve on Thursday night – you may not be able to. Why? It's hard to find a sitter, and when demand is high – the price goes up. In some places an hour of babysitting can cost almost 100 shekels per hour.

Globes: A New Israeli App That Every Parent Should Know

The GetTaxi of the babysitting market – Meet the new Israeli app that has been gaining popularity recently. Babysitting provides an efficient and convenient solution to a multibillion global market.

A YouTube Video

Babysitting developed a smart solution to an everyday problem – finding a babysitter. It is the perfect user-friendly app, which connects parents to reliable and recommended nearby sitters, filters of friends recommendation (Facebook), proximity, ages, availability and prices. Includes ongoing monitoring, payment control and payment options.

Startup in a Week:

Meet Babysitting.

NRG: A New App will Find a Babysitter for You within a Few Clicks

Want to go out and looking for someone who'll take care of the kids? A new app allows you to choose from a number of applicants, and even enables you to interview them through video chat.

The App That will Find a Babysitter for You

Good news for parents who look for a babysitter: If you've spent your time looking for a babysitter through friends or on bulletin board ads, search no more. The Babysitting app will make your search easier. Watch an interview with the founder of the app in the ynet studio.

The Tube

A Babysitter at the Click of a Button

Babysitting is a free new app that connects between babysitters who look for a job and parents who look for their perfect babysitter. The app is GPS-based and provides searching and filtering options, reassuring parents and babysitters alike. It allows you to filter according to area as well as conduct interviews via video chat.

Useful and Efficient: 7 Apps That Parents of Little Children Should Know

Following your baby's development, buying a gift for an event, keeping track of your pictures and hiring a recommended babysitter. Some things that can be done at the click of a tablet button.