Babysitting – finding the perfect babysitter for your child at the click of a button.

Babysitting – finding the perfect babysitter for your child at the click of a button.

How does it work?

  1. The parents search for a possible babysitter within a 5 kilometer radius; filtering options include: distance, age, price, accepting a credit card and rating. Based on the criteria chosen, a list of suitable babysitters is received. Now you may choose, and send an offer to the profiles who most suit your needs (it is possible, and recommended, to choose 10 or more potential sitters).

2. The babysitter receives the job offer. If she presses "interested", she and the parents can get to know each other and finalize details via chat or online video-chat. Upon the babysitter's arrival, it is recommended to turn on the counter, which will count the babysitter's work time and calculate the amount to be paid.

3. When the sitter's job is done and the counter is stopped, the amount can be paid with a credit card or in cash. It is recommended to rate the quality of service you have received – this rating will appear in the babysitter's profile.



While searching:

  • It is recommended to speak with the babysitter via video chat before hiring her/him (a feature that is provided by our app).
  • Interview the potential babysitter at your house. Prepare a list of important questions in advance and leave nothing unanswered.
  • Watch your children interact with the potential babysitter. Afterwards, ask the children what they thought about the babysitter.
  • If you have special expectations or needs, it is recommended to make them known in advance.

When the babysitter arrives:

  • It is important to make an introductory meeting between the babysitter and your child. That way, the child will not view her/him as a complete stranger, and you will be able to test the dynamics between them. You can also test any situation that is important to you.
  • Leave a clear list of tasks for the babysitter (a feature that is provided by our app).
  • Make sure that the babysitter knows your approximate return time and that s/he agrees to it.
  • Show the babysitter the location of the phone, and leave her/him a list of emergency contacts (your phone number, a neighbor's or a relative's number, emergency services, fire department etc.).
  • Show the babysitter the location of the first aid kit, as well as the location of the electric panel, in case of a short circuit.
  • Specify relevant information that relates to the child – games s/he likes, bed time, food recipes, diapers' location and so on.
  • It is very important to point out places and situations that may be dangerous to the child, such as places where s/he must not be left alone, doors that must remain locked, dangerous tricks the child might do, foods that may endanger him/her and so on.